Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow - AT THE BEACH?!?!

Today, we got about an inch of snow. It hasn't snowed in Wilmington in years according to the paper. I was prepared as soon as the first flake fell, because I wanted to be sure Colt got to play in ever how much fell. In these pictures, it was really falling hard and fast and was so pretty. Kansas loved playing and running around in it and Colt laughed the entire time at Kansas running so fast around the yard. It not as impressive a snow fall as my friend Susan gets in New Mexico, but hey, it's pretty good for the beach!!!

In this first video, we had just gone outside and Colt and Kansas were so excited. Just to let everyone know, no children or animals were harmed in the making of this video.

In this video, Colt is wondering where his daddy is.

Colt catching some snowflakes on his tongue.

Trying to catch the snow.

Playing with Kans. It was falling so fast, it started collecting on his fur.

Kansas running and playing in the snowfall.

This soon melted, but a little remains.


Susan said...

It is pretty cool that it snowed at the beach! I am just glad some of our snow is finally melting. Colt looked like he had so much fun playing in the snow!

bkleeman said...

Those were really neat pictures! Kansas really plowed Colt - glad he "dusted" himself off!

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