Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

 Well, we finally experienced our first snowfall in Minnesota.  We got 7 inches in one day.  As of today, most of the snow has still not melted and it has been a week.  We may not see the grass until May because another storm is supposed to come in on Sunday night.  The high on Thanksgiving is supposed to be 12, I think.  Oh my!!!  I'm glad we are moving into our house soon so we can hunker down.  Colton loved playing in the snow, but Chase was not a huge fan.  They both looked like the stay-puff marshmellow men and the kid from "A Christmas Story."  Every time Chase walked he fell down, poor little guy!!  And, it's sad to think this is only the beginning of the winter.  Pray for this Southern girl and my  2 water babies.  

We finally got everything on.

1st faceplant of many.

Colton trying to do a snow angel.

The snow was blowing sideways.

Chase was really over it at this point.

Why are Casey and Colton both trying to throw snowballs at me?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

13 Months

Chase is 13 months old.  He is getting to be more of a pistol everyday.  He loves bugging Colton and also loves to love on him.  He likes to play peek-a-boo and points to everything.  He is saying a couple more words, now, and has finally even said mama.  He loves to throw the ball to Casey and loves, loves, loves to climb on everything!!!! He is such a tease and will stop, turn around, and giggle and smile when you catch him up to something.  He is getting super fast and you have to watch him like a hawk. Mommy and Daddy love you little guy.  

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Brushing and Basketball

Tuesday, was another day of firsts in the Bough household.  Colton went to the dentist for the first time.  He actually did really well and loved that he got to wear sunglasses.  He sat pretty still and then towards the end, like we probably all are like at the dentist, he was totally over it.  You can see from the pictures towards the end, his hands gripping the seat.  
Also, we started basketball at the Y.  He was so excited to wear his jersey and his new basketball shoes that he and Casey went and got.  He was so good at passing and decent at dribbling, but we need to practice some more.  In December, he gets to play an actual game.  That should be interesting.  Stay tuned.

So excited he got to wear sunglasses.
Can you see his hand gripping the seat?  She only had 3 more teeth to check.  
Letting Dr. Rick count his teeth, but not loving it.  
All done and with a bag of goodies.  
Tough basketball player.  Don't you love how big the jersey is?  
Got his game face on.
Finally a smile from my little guy.

Listening to Coach Brent and Coach Mike.
Coach Brent showing him how to dribble.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Chase's 1st Haircut

I took Chase today to get his first haircut.  I don't know why it's so hard to go and do this.  It's just hair, but I guess it makes me sad that he's growing up so fast.  He did so well.  He didn't shed one tear and sat and played with the combs she gave him.  The hairdresser whipped out the gel and put his hair in a mohawk so fast, I didn't know what she was doing.  I wasn't a real fan of that, but oh well.  He looks so grown up now.  

Colton's First Year


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