Monday, May 28, 2012

Bad, Bad, Blogger.

I have been really bad about putting pictures on here and I need to do better.  
We have had so much going on lately.  End of school, Tball starting, and thank goodness we finally had a warm day to open the pool and go swimming.  The boys had a blast and love every minute of being in the water.  They are such water babies and are at home in the liquid stuff, not the frozen kind!!!  Bring on Summer!!!!

The first jump of the year.

Bathing beauty.

Dancing with the music before he jumps in.

Monday, February 6, 2012


We went bowling with our neighbors a couple of weekends ago and it was the first time for Chase.  He did pretty good for the about 5 frames, then he was more concerned about eating.  Colton was the overall winner and was super excited!!  

Mr. Independent wanted no help.

Colton trying to help Chase.

Colton got a strike!!!!

Colton, Brody, and Ryder.

Look how cute those little shoes are.

50's Party

In honor of Colton being in school for 50 days, his class had a 50's party complete with a sock hop and ice cream sundaes at the malt shop.  Colton is dressed like James Dean for the festivities.

He's so cool.

Riding through motorcycle alley.

Dancing at the sock hop.  He was very disappointed that they didn't do an actual sock hop in just their socks.

January silliness

Happy New Year

A few pics from Christmas in Kansas

We spent Christmas this year in Kansas with Casey's family.  It was so good to spend time with Uncle Brett, Aunt Ash, and Blair.  What a great time we all had.  Santa even made a special appearance on Christmas Eve.  I've never seen such an excited kid as Colton was.  That's the true joy of Christmas seeing that excitement in the kids' faces. 

Goofin' off with Papaw.

Wonder what kind of story this was.

Blair and Colton dancing and Chase being a grumpy pants.

Blair trying to give Colton a wet willy.

Love those eyes.

Chase looking for Santa and the reindeer.

Getting ready to go to church on Christmas Eve.

Nana and her babies.

Santa arrives.  See Colton jumping.

Chase wasn't so sure, so Blair was patting him on the back letting him know Santa wasn't scary.

Uncle Brett and his new designer  sport coat.

Colton's First Year


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