Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ready For Spring

Ok, well I put this flag out every year and usually it is just wishful thinking. If you've read the post before this one, you'll see it finally came through and we got some snow. Woohoo!! Ok, so now we are ready for warm weather and Spring. Colt is already getting ready for Spring Training and the beginning of the baseball season - one of our favorites in the house - as many of you could figure out. For Christmas, Casey's parents got him a Kansas City Royals jersey. Although I have to say I am more of a Braves fan, I did like the old school Royals with George Brett and Bo Jackson. There is an ongoing bet each year between Casey and me during World Series time. He is always for the American League team and I am always for the National League team and usually I lose, except this year - thanks Phillies! Anyway, bring on Spring, the crack of the bat and that fresh outfield grass. Play Ball!!

The flag finally worked!

Colt showing off his new Royals jersey.

Probably not what he should be swinging at. I think he was only tapping.

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Whitney said...

We too are ready for spring and baseball! Mike is already working Will's little left arm out. We're hoping for a left-handed picture.:) Luckily, Mike's younger brother plays high school baseball, so we have an excuse to watch and take Will to experience this wonderful game.
I love Colt's jersey, even though I too am a Braves fan(not sure I should say that out loud, maybe this season will be better!).

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