Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bye, Bye, Turkey

When Casey and I got married we decided that we would switch off the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas between my family in Tennessee and his family in Kansas. That idea has worked great up until we had Colt. Now, since we have moved to NOrth Carolina and are 8 to 20 hours away from both sets of grandparents, the switching has gotten a little bit harder. This year it was TN's turn for Thanksgiving and usually we only have about 6 people there for dinner. But, since Casey's parents hadn't seen the little man in so long, they came to my parent's house for Thanksgiving along with my aunt and cousin who were missing seeing him, too. So for Thanksgiving we had 11 people there this year. We are so lucky we have so many people who love Colt so much. CAsey and I are truly blessed that we have great parents and brothers and sister-in-laws and extended family that want to be a part of Colt's life and we love you all very much. So Thanksgiving was very busy in TN. Casey got to golf, I got to shop, Colt got lots of lovin', and everybody got to eat tons of good southern food. Here are several pictures from our weekend. The first picture pretty much sums up what everyone felt like by the end of the weekend.

Grandpa is exhausted and so was everyone else at the end of the busy weekend.

Colt playing with Poppa.

Colt with his Nana and Gram. Can you say spoiled?

Colt and Momma.

I thought this was a sweet little picture. What's better than a grandma's love?

The Bough Family

Colt trying to wear Grandpa's shoes. Grandpa told him he could jump higher if he put those on. He is into trying to jump on and off everything.

Pooped after eating lots for Thanksgiving. Kickin' back and watching some football. Notice Casey hasn't taken the remote away from him, yet.

Colt with Aunt Helon and Kellie. I can't believe she will be 21 in January. It feels like she was just born.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Colt and Santa

Here is Colt's picture with Santa. I'm glad he is not doing his newest smile which is sticking his front 2 teeth out, so he looks like a little mouse. This Santa is the best and is really good with the kids.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Corn, Monkey Joes, and Santa

The other night for dinner, we had corn on the cob for dinner. At first, I was holding it for Colt to try and get him to bite some off, but then he decided he could do it himself. He loved it and wouldn't let go of this ear of corn. Who knew the kid would love corn so much. This weekend we also went to a place in town called Monkey Joes, which is just a bunch of inflateables. They had an area for kids under 3. Colt absolutely loved it, since he is in to trying to dive onto everthing and trying to jump. And finally, because I am such a Christmas freak, and I mean freak, we took him to get his picture with Santa. I realize it is not even Thanksgiving and that it was 75 degrees outside when we went, but you can never get in the Christmas spirit too early. We even put up our Christmas decorations on Saturday.

Eating a mini corn on the cob.

"Hey, what's that noise? Is it someone trying to take my corn away?"

Playing at Monkey Joe's.

He knocked both of those little girls down behind him trying to go down backwards on this slide. I don't think the mother was too happy. Oops!!!

Waiting to get his picture made with Santa.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Magic Carpet Ride and Popcorn

Colt has decided one of his new favorite things is to hop onto the vacuum cleaner while I vacuum. I must say this adds an extra 20 something pounds to the thing and makes for a good workout. It also now takes forever to vacuum because everytime he falls off I have to wait for him to jump back on. Casey said there was no need to waste money and take him to an amusement park, he was loving riding the vacuum. Also this weekend, he had his first popcorn. And who did he share it with, of course, his daddy!!! Mommy didn't even get a single kernal. He loved it!! I was just glad he didn't get choked.

Hopping on the vacuum ride.

"Mommy this is fun!!"

"Daddy look at me!!"

Reaching in for his first bite.

OOh that's yummy!

"I think I'll have some more, please!"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our neighbors, Bill and Annie, had a Halloween party tonight. Casey went as a tacky golfer, I went as Minnie Mouse, and Colt went as a sailor (thanks to my Aunt Helon for the outfit). He wasn't too sure what to think about the Minnie Mouse nose.

Happier without the nose.

Leigh, Annie, and I (Hippie, Harlem Globetrotter, and Minnie Mouse).

Colton's First Year


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