Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone had a good 4th.  We hung out all day and went swimming and then Colton and I went to the Hastings Country Club to watch fireworks.  This was his first time seeing fireworks and he loved it.  He told me his favorite ones were the finale.  

Just chillin'.

Jumping off the diving board to Casey.

Casey flipping Colton in the air.

This firework went off behind us from someone's house.  I love his face.

Too busy watching to be bothered to turn around.

Colton's 1st Tball game.

Colton had his first tball game a couple of weeks ago.  He was so excited.  We were so proud of him.  He loved to hit and run the bases.  

So excited to go to the game.

Nana and Chase waiting for the game to start.  It was a little chilly.

Lining up to bat.

Ready for the ball.

Colton's First Year


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