Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Ice Cream Cone

While Casey went golfing this weekend, my parents came to visit to keep Colt and I company. On Saturday, we went to a neat little North Carolina town called Southport. It had lots of neat shops, houses, and was right on the ocean across from Bald Head Island. It was so hot while we were there, that we got him an ice cream cone. It was vanilla, of course. I started off holding it and letting him try to lick it, but as you can see from the pictures below, that didn't last long with Mr. Independent.

Colton sitting outside one of the neat houses. It had beautiful, old oak trees that coverd the street. We don't see that much here with all the pine and palm trees.

Waiting on the dock for our table to eat lunch.

This ice cream was not a neat experience. It got everywhere. When is the last time you enjoyed ice cream this much?

Waiting for the next bite while I was still holding the ice cream.

He finally got to hold the ice cream by himself. Mommy was going way too slow!!!!

Nothing made me happier today than my first vanilla ice cream cone!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Annual Bough Family Pictures

We are usually only together during this one time during the summer, so we try to take a Bough Family picture. This year we took the picture in our neigboorhood by the alligator pond. Thanks to our neighbor, Annie, who took the pictures for us. You did a great job!!

Bough Beach Fun

On Monday night we all went to the beach for Colt to play, since it was the last night Casey's family was going to be there. Colt had so much fun as usual, especially when Uncle Brett and Daddy buried him in the sand.

I love the beach!!!!!

I just thought this picture was cute of his little footprints.

Having fun with Nana!!!

Aunt Ashley helping me catch a wave.

Uncle Bretters buring Colt.

"Where are my feet?"

Colt thought it was hilarious when Daddy uncovered them.

Colt with Uncle Brett and Aunt Ashley.

Nana and Grandpa with littles.

What a good beach pic.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cute Pictures from Kansas and Tennessee

These are just some pictures I thought were cute.

Future Tiger Woods, maybe?

This was right after Casey had put it together, which took a while since he is a chemical and not mechanical engineer. Who would have thought you would ever see Casey Bough putting together a toy lawnmower? Too funny, what a great daddy!!!!!

Walking with daddy at the golf course in his new tennis shoes.

He has broccoli stuck on his nose!

Pictures with Poppy after he came home from the hospital. We are so glad you were here to share his birthday with him.

"I love my Gram!!!"

It was even funnier after this watching Gram and Poppy trying to get back up off the grass..


Thanks to Leslie for making this adorable plate for Colton's birthday. I can't believe a year has already passed since our little BB was born. What a wonderful ride it has been. This has probably been the fastest year of my life. Casey and I have learned so many things over this amazing year. I didn't know I could love someone so much or that one little smile could melt my heart so much. I don't think I have ever laughed or cried so many times in one year. Thank you to our friends and especially our parents who have been there, helped us through this, and told us everything would be alright. Thank you to Casey who is the best daddy and husband in the world. Thank you for taking care of us, working so hard, and allowing me the opportunity to stay at home so I don't miss a minute of Colt's life. You will never know how much I love you for what you do for us. And we thank God, most importantly, for blessing us with a miracle. It is just amazing to think that the little dot with the heartbeat we saw the first time on the ultrasound is now 1. We love Colton so much and we pray you will guide us through this journey with him.
There are lots of pictures I have posted, since we have been gone for so long. Enjoy!!!

Tennessee Birthday

Once we got back from Kansas, we had another birthday party with my parents. It was a week later, but I guess it doesn't matter when you're 1. Maybe this won't scar him for life. Hey, he got 2 cakes, would that scar you?

I think he had just taken a little scoop with his finger and got caught.

Wondering if he can eat his cake, yet.

Sitting with Gram showing off his birthday outfit.

The 1st set of Proud Grandparents. Gram, where is your birthday hat?

Eating the icing off of the candle.

Giving his Poppy a taste. Is that ice cream cake heart healthy food, Poppy?

Really digging in - with his thumb!!! What a mess this turned out to be.

We couldn't get him to look at the camera, oh well.

Colt with some of his gifts, including a cool birthday turtle from Uncle Chris and Aunt Dee Dee.

Colt showing Mommy his Auburn bat that Gram and Poppy gave him.

After all the neat presents he got, he spent the most time doing circles in the tissue paper. Go figure.

Kansas Birthday

Colt and I traveled to Kansas for the 1st round of his birthday celebrations. My dad came home from the hospital on the day we left, so it was just me and him driving from Chatt-town to Kansas. YOu can get a lot of bonding in with a 1 year old in a 12 hour drive. Casey met us there (he flew) and we spent his actual birthday in Springfield, MO so we could see Uncle Brett and Aunt Ashley. Colt had so much fun and I got some needed breaks. Thanks to Papaw and Nana Bough and Brett and Ashley for all they did. Ya'll are the best!!!

Do you think it is too early to start him off of the tee?

"Do you like my tuxedo onesie my Uncle Brett and Aunt Ashie gave me?" He wanted to dress up for the occasion. I love that Casey got into the spirit and actually wore a birthday hat!!!

This picture was taken right after he snuffed out the candle with his finger instead of blowing it out.

Proud Grandparents!! This was actually Casey's high chair when he was little. It doesn't meet any saftey codes, but it works!!

3 Generations of Bough Boys

Casey's dad cleaned out a cow trough and let Colt swim in it one afternoon. He absolutely loved it!!!!

Colton's First Year


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