Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Daddy and Me

Just a few pictures from after church on Sunday. I thought my 2 oldest guys looked so handsome in their church clothes. I love pictures with the boys and Casey. We are ready for Spring here. I was hoping this outfit would bring the warmer temps and the sunshine back. It looked Spring-y to me.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Love My Bough Boys!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day with their loves. I will post some snow pics shortly.

Bough pics in the Dominican

Just a few pictures of Casey and me. We had a wonderful, relaxing time, but gosh, we really did miss our little munchkins. We were glad to get home on Thursday night. A big thanks again to my mom and dad for taking a week and watching the boys. Love you guys.

Group Shots in the DR

Here are several group shots in the next series of pictures. Don't we all look happy?

The Girls the first night

Frank and Erin

John and Jamie

Boys Shot

Girl's Shot on the last night.

Casey and Greg.

John bustin' a move!

Lucy and Greg

Supper at the steakhouse

John bustin' a move, again!! This guy had happy feet!

The Boys again

The Girls on Superbowl Night.

Watching the Super Bowl via satellite.

Casey and Greg at the Super Bowl party.

Me and Lucy at the Super Bowl party.

The group watching the Super Bowl.

Dominican Republic Scenery

I thought since I had so many pictures, I would break them up in category postings. This one is scenery. Hope you guys enjoy.
View of the pool.
Coming in for a landing.

Casey outside our room.

Our room only steps from the beach.

View from our patio.

Another veiw of the pool.

Almost sunset.

K-9 unit at the airport. Don't they look dangerous?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sun To Snow in 48 Hours

We got back from our trip to the Dominican Republic late Thursday night. It was so gorgeous there with tempertures in the 80's everyday. I have lots of pictures to share that I will get on here soon, but I wanted ya'll to see what I left:

To come home to this:

Colton's First Year


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