Sunday, January 4, 2009

Colt and George

Curious George and Colt are inseparable. Colt sleeps with him every night and always wants to take him downstairs in the morning and after his nap, but we leave him upstairs so Kansas doesn't play with him. He even let him ride on his horse, Lucky, with him the other morning. If he can't find him or wants him, Colt yells, "Joe!" As soon as you hand him to him, he gives George the biggest bear hug ever. Just like George, Colt is also very curious. This is a picture of what he did a good bit of the time while we were in Kansas. He wanted to play in Nana's pantry. I guess George joined in this time.

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bkleeman said...

Cute pics! Love them all and so glad to see that he likes Curious George. Does he have any of the Curious George books? He would probably like them. And, no, in the pic of us you don't look big at all - only you would think that. If your pic is better, send it to me and I'll replace it.

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