Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pirate Beach Party

With all we have been doing, this has really taken me a long time to get up. On June 19th, our little man turned 3. We decided to have a pirate party at the beach because he loves it so much. He had a blast. The day started off with rain and then stopped and then about an 1 hour and a half before the start of the party, the bottom dropped out!! I was standing in our garage almost in tears. My BFF, Brandy, came along with me to help set everything up at the beach which was a Godsend. I would have never have been able to do it without her help!!! As we were driving over the rain stopped and it was the most gorgeous late afternoon at the beach. Another Godsend. The showers had run most of the people off the beach and it was alot cooler. Thank you to all our family and friends who came to make Colton's day special. We love you guys.
Big Boy is 3!!!

Birthday Doughnut - chocolate no sprinkles - just like he likes it.

Papaw, Colton, Chase and Nana

Papa, Colton, Chase, and Gram

Brandy helping me put the finishing touches on the party tables.

Pirate cupcakes

Chase hanging out at the party.

Colton's pirate cake.

Blowing out his birthday cupcake.

Colton and Miss Lucy after sticking his entire face into the side of his cake. No manners!!!!

The birthday boy getting buried in the sand.

Colt and some of his friends playing in the water.

Playing ring-around-the-rosie.

The Kleemans and The Boughs

One of Colton's presents - a new bike!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Colton!!!

On Saturday, our "Little Man" turned 3. I can't believe how fast time really passes. People always say enjoy them now, because they grow up fast. Now, I realize what they are talking about. I look at Chase, and it seems like just yesterday, Colt was that little. He is such a sweet and caring little boy. He is very inquisitive and a big jokester. He is always making us laugh. He is very social and gets sad when he tries to say hi to someone in the store and they don't talk back to him. He loves going to school and church. He picks up on things super fast (that he wants to) has an excellent memory - no getting away with, "I'll give you something later," the later does come and then we have to pay up. He is such a good sleeper at night and goes right to bed. When he does sit down for 5 minutes and takes a nap, it is still a 3-4 hour one. Both mommy and Colton need that. He is so good with Chase, except when it comes to his toys. Then, there is a major blowup if one of Chase's fingernails touches a car!!! He is very, very, very, did I say very, active little boy!! He is th 95 percentile in weight and the 92 percentile in height, as he grew 5 inches since last year!!!! Daddy is so proud! He loves his buddies he sleeps with at night, especially his Lovey and George(Curious). He loves watching cartoons, and knows all the characters, but also cries when he has to come inside from playing anything outside!! We love you little man and are so proud of you. Mommy just wishes you would slow down a little bit.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am finally getting all these pictures on from Colton's birthday weekend. Boy, it sure has been busy around here. Both sides of family in town, Colt's bday, and trying to get the house ready to sell. I am worn out!!! The weekend started off with visiting with our good friends, Brad and Brandy, who came in for the weekend for Colt's party. Colt and Chase loved playing with Parker and I think my dad made a friend for life!!! He is the sweetest little guy with the cutest smile. :) Here is round 1 of many pictures.

Colt pushing Parker in his wagon.
Parker and my dad. It looks like Parker is thinking, oh boy what a character.

Colton and Papaw.

Colton and Brandy showing how old he is!

Papa and Colton

Me and my BFF, Brandy. I love this girl!!!

Miss Brandy and Chase

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Standing on my own!!

While Chase and Colton were playing on Colton's train table, I looked and Chase had let go of the table and was standing like he'd been doing it all his life. So, I pulled him over to the side and held his land, then let go, and he stood for long enough so that I could snap these pictures. Where is my little baby going?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chase is 8 Months Old!!

My sweet doodlebug was 8 months old yesterday! Time is really flying by and I really wish it would slow down! Chase is little spit fire and I'm convinced could do a lap around the house in world record time. He goes anywhere he wants by crawlng and stands up on everything - if he can stay up without being pushed down by big brother. He has let go a couple of times, and stood for about a second, but still goes down to his bottom and crawls to go explore something else. He loves being around Colton and since he's more like a little person, Colton is playing with him more. I can't believe that just 3 months ago you were still sleeping with me and waking up every 3 hours to eat!! Now, thank the good Lord, you sleep through the night, but are a really, really, really early riser and decide to go back to sleep when it's time for Colton to get up. :( You are still the happiest baby, and love for people to talk to you so you can flash those dimples!!!! We love you little doodlebug, just don't grow up so fast.

Nearly impossible to get a good picture of the both of them.

Yet, another try.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

We had a nice, relaxing Memorial Day just hanging out with the 4 of us. Monday morning, we went down the the "Loop" at Wrightsville Beach and Colton played on the playground and then we took a 2.5 mile stroll around. After lunch and the boys' naps, Casey filled up Colt's pool and him and Chase swam for a while. Our sweet, precious, always happy Chase was not so happy in the picture below. Colton had just tried to dunk him in the water before he got out to slide down the slide. Oh man, brothers!!!
He's okay!

Colton taking a break and eating his snack at the playground.

Chase hanging out after eating.

Is he cool or what?

When I was little, my parents always made one of these ring things(don't know the real name of them) at the beginning of December. I got to pull off a link every day leading up to Christmas. I absolutely loved it and was so excited on Christmas Eve, because I only had 1 more link. So, I decided to make one for Colton for his birthday, because he is so excited about his Pirate Party!!!Everytime he walks by, he asks to pull off another link.

Colton's First Year


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