Friday, October 31, 2008

Colton's First Trick or Treat

Who knew taking a 16 month old trick or treating would be so tiring. I think Colt had a good time, but didn't really grasp the concept of waiting on someone to answer the door to give you candy. As soon as I would ring the bell, he would either try and go inside their house or go back down the steps he had just climbed. Oh well, we had fun watching him.

Our little turtle man

Mommy and her half shell
He got so thirsty ringing door bells, we had to stop to take a drink.

He's ready to go.
Inspecting what he got. He kept taking the candy out and then leaving his basket behind. We'll work on that.
Off to the next house.

We found a chicken!! This is Colt's friend Hannah. Colt is such a "chick" magnet.

Welcom Mia Kate!!

Congratulations to our friends, Randy and Tammy on the birth of their little girl, Mia Kate. We are glad everyone is doing well. Enjoy your new family!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Colt's First Jack-o-lantern

Tonight Casey and I carved Colton's first pumpkin. I did the scraping of the insides and Casey did the face. Colt didn't care too much for the pumpkin guts, but thought it was hilarious when Casey would cut the eyes, mouth, and nose.

Colt waiting for the carving to begin.

Trying to decide if he should reach in and get some pumpkin guts.
Colt with the finished product. Not too fancy - it's just our first.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Fall Pics

My mom and dad came for Fall Break to spend some time with us and babysit Colt while Casey and I took a trip to Charlotte for a couple of days. While they were here, we went to get a big pumpkin for carving at a local church in town. Notice the difference in the pictures from this day (it was 86 degrees) and the pictures I took this afternoon (65 degrees). It was so much nicer today.

Colt trying to pick up the big pumpkin, again.

My little scarecrow.

It was such a pretty day today, we went outside to play and get some pictures.

Colt found his little pumpkin again. He calls it a ball and wants to throw it off the porch.

This is a picture I took around this time last year. Poor little thing could barely sit up, he wasn't matching at all, and I know he hated that pumpkin cap I stuck on him.

This was a picture from today. I can't believe he has gotten this big in a year. So sad.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Today, we went to Mike's Farm to the Pumpkin Patch. Despite it not feeling like Fall, we all had a fun time. We got to do a hayride out to the patch and then we got to see some farm animals.

We tried to get a picture of all the gang. Colton, Emma Grace, Grace, and Kailey.

The Boughs at the Pumpkin Patch. The hayride over to the patch.

Colt found this pumpkin right off. It was just his size and he kept throwing it like a ball.

Before anyone was even on the tractor, Colt decided he was ready to go. He had found the perfect pumpkin.

What more could you ask for, your favorite pumpkin and your daddy?
Looking at the goats. You couldn't feed them by hand, but he liked looking, anyways.

Time to stop at the bathroom before heading home. This was not a real bathroom, just a cute picture spot.

Colton's First Year


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