Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Here is our picture with Santa and pictures from Colton's Christmas program at school.  He sang the very loudest and gave Casey and I thumbs up after every song.  We might have another lead in a high school musical just like Daddy!!!!
Merry Christmas to everyone!!!
Colton getting ready to go to his Christmas program at preschool.
Chasey bug waiting to go hear brother sing.
Colton walking in with his class.
So excited to sing!!!!  He was the loudest!!

Colt's gingerbread house he made at school.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowy, busy December

We finally moved into our new house on December 1st.  It was a long 3 months on the top floor of our apartment and I'm sure the people that lived below us are glad that we are gone!!!!  Of course on the day the moving truck came, it snowed.  It has already been a busy December with all the weather.  I talked my mom into flying out to help while I unpacked boxes.  Thank goodness she agreed!!!  She is a God-send.  I think the first day we were in the house, I unpacked one box, because I was constantly watching Chase.  We still have a lot of boxes, but not as many as if she wasn't able to come out and help.  Thank you so much, Gram!!!!  
Movers moving our things in.
Chase watching Casey shovel his first snow.
Casey shoveling snow.  He was out there for 2 hours.
We are buried in boxes and papers.
While I unpacked, Colton and my mom decorated the tree.  That's why there are red buckets, wrapping paper string, and the ornaments are only at a certain level.  We have so many more ornaments, but I just didn't get them out.  Thank goodness my mom came to help!!!
Colton and I decided to head out and brave the blizzard to play.  
He was not the least bit happy after I tossed him into the snow.  He was ready to go in right then.
A view of our street under 16 inches of snow.
I am behind a snow bank in our front yard.
Sitting on our deck.

Our house in the snow.
Our neighbor and his dog snowplowing.
Oh how I wish I could see it right about now.

Colton's First Year


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