Monday, September 19, 2011

Chase's First Day of Preschool

Chase started his first day of preschool last Friday.  He is only going one day a week to the same school that Colton goes to.  He was excited to wear his backpack and walk in to school like a big boy.  I was hoping he would do okay when Colton and I left and he went right in, found a toy, and never looked back.  That is exactly what Colton did his first year.  I'm glad they can be away from me, but still made me a little sad that both my babies are growing up so fast.

Me and my little bug.
Walking to school.
Trying to open the door.

Hanging up his Hip Hop Elmo backpack.
Saying bye with his teacher, Mrs. Lori.
Went right in to play and didn't look back.

1st Soccer Game

Colton had his first soccer game last Thursday night.  To say Casey and I aren't soccer people is an understatement, but we thought it would be good for Colton to run off some energy and he loves to kick the ball.  There weren't many positions being played that night and Colton came off the field twice with injuries (we have a small drama bone).  I guess all that matters is that he had fun.  

Being cheap and taking my own team picture. 

Cheap individual picture.

Colton's first day of Pre-K

Colton's 1st Day of his 4 year old preschool started last Tuesday.  He looks so big, now.  He was so excited to go and meet all his new friends.  

On his way to his 3rd year of preschool.

Hanging up his backpack.
Putting in his name tag. 
Waiting on his circle.
Hugging Chase bye.
One last look before we leave.

Labor Day trip to Kansas

Over Labor Day, we went to Kansas to visit Casey's parents and see our niece, Blair.  Her and Chase are about 6 months apart, so it's fun to watch them interact.  We also got to see our brother and sister-in-law and it's always fun to get to leave the kiddos with Nana and Papaw while we go out.  

The kiddos eating at the kiddie table.
Chase and Blair waiting for the blessing.

Chase helping Papaw roast marshmallows.

Looks like 3 old people sitting here.
These 2 are trouble together.
Colton caught a fish with a little help from Papaw.
And Chase caught some goldfish. 

They are all being silly.

Fun with Neighbors - We're on a boat!

The weekend before Labor Day, we went out with our neighbors on their boat on the St. Croix River.  It was really nice and not too hot.  After Chase warmed up, he loved it, and of course Colton loved it from the start. They got to fish and Colton got to go tubin' with his friend Brody.  We had a great time.

Not sure yet about riding in the boat.

Checking out the big boys on the tube, but still hanging tight to Daddy.

Colton floating in the River.

Playin' in the tube.

I think a fish jumped.
Tired after his day on the river.
Colton getting to ride on the tube.  

Colton's First Year


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