Monday, April 27, 2009

Beach Weather

Sunday, we went to the beach for the first time this season since it was in the upper 80's. We got there early, so there was still a nice breeze and not too many people there. The water is still pretty cold, but that didn't stop Colt from taking a few dips in it. When it was time to go, Casey had to carry him back to our things and I could hear him yelling, "No, no, no, no, Da Da!!!!" Luckily, he loves the water and loves being outside. I do have to say a special thank you to Case for playing with him the whole time we were there and letting me get some sun, even if I can only get it on one side, since I can't lay on my stomach. You really are the best, Da Da!!!

Colt running to play with Da Da. He loves Casey so much and I do, too. Case is so good with Colt and we are lucky to have him. Our dads were always there for us and it's good to see Colt's daddy will always be there for him.

Did I mention Colt loved his daddy?!! I will have to post some pictures later of the two of them snuggling on the couch at night. That is Colt, Daddy, and Barney time right before bed. He will not lay 5 minutes with me on the couch, but if it's Daddy, he'll lay for at the very least, 30 minutes. Oh well!!!

Burying himself in the sand.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Late Easter Pictures

These are a little late getting on, but here are some of our Easter pictures. We spent the weekend in Chattanooga and it was nice being home for a while. Luckily, we had good weather on Sunday.

Colt helping me dye eggs. I don't think he was too sure of what was going on. He kept wanting to stick his fingers in the dye.

The finished products. We had lots of plastic eggs, so we only did a few real ones.

He found one!!

Easter family picture. I know black is not a traditional Easter color, but I couldn't really find anything that fit.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hoppy Easter!!

We hope everyone has a happy Easter. We are leaving to go to Chattanooga tonight, so we are sending our greetings out early. I had debated about whether or not to get his picture made with the Bunny or not at the mall, since last year it was fuschia pink and looked like it was on drugs. But, I gave in when I saw my friend Tammy's picture at the same mall, and the bunny looked much better. I wish I had noticed Colt's shirt was messed up, but oh well. We didn't really dress in our Easter best, but it was a spur of the moment thing when we went to the mall. Enjoy your time with your families.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Nana and Papaw visit

Casey's parents came to visit over their Spring Break a couple of weeks ago. Talk about spoiled. Not only did Colt get to stay up past his bedtime, but he also got to eat ice cream before bed. Casey and I were spoiled, too, with dinner cooked, clothes ironed and mommy time at her favorite stores.

2 major sweet tooths - Colt and Papaw

Colt and Papaw clowning around.

Let's go for a ride.

Colt and Nana at the beach. It was a little windy, so we didn't stay long.

3 Bough Boys

Sunday, April 5, 2009

OH BOY.............

OR GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey and I wanted to share our wonderful news with everyone that we are expecting Baby Bough #2 in October. We are at 13 weeks and have been to the doctor twice with 2 good reports. We should find out what we are having at the end of May or the first of June. All the grandparents would like a girl because they think Casey needs one and of course Casey wants another boy so we don't go bankrupt. We are just praying whatever the gender, it is healthy and that we don't have to go through what we went through before having Colt. We will keep you posted.

Also, I have pictures to post from Casey's parents visit, but have to charge the batteries to the camera. Does anyone have any good ideas on cameras that don't require batteries and can just charge with an ac adapter? I hate waiting for batteries to charge. Any suggestions would be great.

Colton's First Year


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