Friday, August 14, 2009

We Went Out Last Night

We went out tonight to eat with our good friends and neighbors, Leigh and Dave and little Hannah. I can't believe how much our 2 little munchkins have grown and now they are both about to be big siblings. Leigh is due in 2 weeks and I only have 7 if Baby Bough #2 stays in. These two love hanging out with each other and are such a hoot to watch together. Right after this picture, Colt took off running and Hannah wasn't letting go, but bless her heart, she did her best to keep up with him and both were laughing the entire time. Have you ever seen two 2 year olds outrun 2 very pregnant girls. Not a pretty sight.

Let's go, buddy!

Friend hugs are the best hugs.

Hey guys.

Leigh, Hannah, and Dave

Attempt at a family pic. You can definately tell I'm 8 months preggo.

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