Sunday, August 23, 2009

32 Week Baby Update

On Friday, I had my 32 week visit. Everything went well and we went ahead and scheduled my surgery. So, unless anything changes, Baby Bough #2 will be here on October 6th. I am so excited that I got to pick the same doctor that I had last time, too. She is wonderful and the surgery isn't until 11:30, so I get to sleep later, too, if that will be possible, I doubt it!!!! Just a few pics below to share.
Colton hugging baby brother.

Giving baby brother a kiss.

Big, Big brother giving Colt a kiss.


Whitney said...

You look great Amy! Are you feeling good?

What The Hell Is This? said...

you do look great... you are one of those that barely has a belly... so jealous, but still, gorgeous!

Brandy said...

32 weeks - WOW - where did that time go? You look awesome and I can't wait to meet Baby Bough #2. I'm excited to see what you and Casey decide for his name. Talk to you soon. Love ya!

Erin said...

I just wanted to say your Colton is so cute! I have my own Colton, he's almost 6 months.

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