Monday, August 10, 2009

A Walk In the Park

Sunday, after supper, we went down to the playground in the neighborhood. We had gotten this tricycle at a yard sale for I think $15. Colt is still learning to peddle, so it helps that there is a steering wheel we can push. When he learns how to ride it, we can take the handle off. It was still pretty hot at 7 last night, but it wore Colt and Kansas out and got them ready for bed.
Colt and Casey showing me how they can do circles.
Kansas catching Colt at the bottom of the slide.

Colt loving his tricycle. He's my happy baby. I hope this next one is happy, too.

Mommy's 3 boys. Can you tell how exhausted from the heat Kansas is?

On the way home. Colt had to be like daddy and walk with Kansas.
Guess who got stuck pushing the tricycle?

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Anonymous said...

I am very proud of your yard sale find. ha.ha. :) Y'all are so cute!

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