Friday, August 8, 2008

Lunch Date with Miss Tammy and EG

We are so glad that our friends, Randy, Tammy, Emma Grace, and baby D live here in Wilmington, now. Finally, Tammy and I are both not working at the same time. Usually when one of us moves to the town the other is in, one of us is working. Today, Colt and I went on a lunch date with Tammy and Emma Grace. The kids had fun entertaining each other which included both of them getting into trouble for chasing each other in a store.

Emma Grace and Colt cheezing for the camera.

Emma Grace holding onto Colt before he escaped from the chair. What a good big sister she is going to be.

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What The Hell Is This? said...

How adorable!

I blogged today on Shells wedding with pics...

Colton's First Year


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