Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kansas and Colt - Best Friends - Sort of

I made 2 posts, so keep reading.

I haven't posted any pictures of Colt and Kansas in a while. It really is kind of hard to catch them in the same place and being still long enough. Since Colt has started walking and getting faster, Kansas has to dodge him more. Colt also likes for Kansas to chase him. I guess he has picked up on the fact that whenever Casey or I go to the kitchen, Kansas follows us, so Colt wants Kansas to chase (follow) him. He gets so excited when he sees Kansas start walking behind him. Actually, I think Kans is trying to get past him so he doesn't pull any fur, but it's still cute. Kansas is getting better at letting Colt pet him and we are trying to teach him not to pull his hair, or his ears, or his tail, or put his finger in his mouth. Colt does love to feed Kansas and anything he is done eating goes directly off the side of the high chair where you know who is waiting patiently. It is really sweet in the mornings when we come downstairs and Colton sees Kansas. He gets a big smile on his face, points, and says his version of Kansie and then Kans comes over and licks his feet. I guess that is his way of saying good morning before the chasing and dodging starts for the day.

Kans is getting better about standing closer to Colt. He's still able to make a breakaway, if needed.

I thought this was a sweet picture. They are watching Casey outside mowing.

Colt is getting in Kans's personal space. It looks like Kans is telling him a secret, though.

Kans is very helpful. He is our dirty diaper checker.

Watching Daddy outside mowing. Look at how cute he is standing there waiting for Da-Da.

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bkleeman said...

Ok, you know I love the pics of Kans and Colt. My favorite one was Kans sniffing Colt's rear end while Colt was almost completely in the cabinet! Hilarious!

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