Sunday, August 24, 2008

Afternoon in Raleigh

On Thursday, it was my my mom's birthday. Her and Daddy spent the weekend with Chris and Deanna (brother and sister-in-law). Since they live in Durham, on Saturday we went to spend the afternoon with them and celebrate Mother's birthday. Colton was a trooper and loved looking at all the people from up high, because Uncle Chris carried him. He also loved it because he didn't have to ride a single time in the stroller. He' s not a big fan of it now that he can walk. He was totally pooped when we got in the car, since he hadn't had a nap all day.

Waiting for his macaroni and cheese to come at the restaurant.

Being a wiggle worm with Poppy.
Saying goodbye to Uncle Chris and Aunt Dee Dee.

"My Uncle Chris is cool, and a sucker for a pair of blue eyes and bunny teeth!!!"

I just thought this picture was funny. He was stealing a drink of Gram's coke while she wasn't looking.

This was a fountain at the shopping center. You can see how close the sippy cup came to getting tossed in. That's why Casey is holding Colt. He was the next closet thing to going in. He does love anything that has water.

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