Saturday, June 28, 2008

1 Year Pictures

Hey everybody. Colt and I have had a busy June. We still are not home, yet, but will be going home on Monday. I can't believe we have been away from home for 2 and 1/2 weeks!!! As soon as I get home I will post pictures from his 2 birthday parties. While we have been in Chattanooga, the photographer that took our wedding pictures, took Colt's 1 year pictures. You can go and see them by following this link:

Then click on sessions and type in Colton for the password.

These are the ones we narrowed it down to. It was so hard not to pick them all.
Hope you enjoy.


Whitney said...

Hey Amy! I enjoyed looking at the pictures of Colton. He is adorable! Tell Casey that Mike says hello.

bkleeman said...

Hey girl!
Thanks again for everything this weekend. I know you were away from Casey and your own home for a long time and I appreciate all you did for me for the shower. It turned out great and you are a great friend. The 1-year pics of Colton are awesome! Enjoy your time at home with all your boys!

Colton's First Year


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