Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dog Days of Summer Pictures

Yesterday and today have been the hottest days on record in Wilmington. So we decided to go to the beach and hang out in the water. It was not as hot as at our house which was a blessing and Colt loved playing in the water and the sand.

"What a difference a year makes: August 2007 - Colt wearing MC Hammer swim trunks

June 2008: Nemo no longer takes up his entire leg.

Looking for Daddy - notice he is not covered in sand at this point.

"Hi Ladies, my name is Colton and I like late afternoon walks on the beach."

"I also like playing in the mud. It makes my skin so soft."

Waiting for a wave

Oh boy here it comes!!!

"Look at me sitting in the big chair!"

Gotta a little thirsty playing the water. Notice the sandy legs.

The ultimate boy. Covered in dirt from head to toe. We had to strip him down into his Little Swimmers to ride home in and then we took a 30 minute bath to get all the sand off. If any veteran moms know the best way to rid your child of complete sandiness in the bathtub without it becoming WWIII, all suggestions are welcomed!!!!!

It has been really nice the last couple of weekends so we have been taking advantage of being outdoors. Last weekend we all went downtown and walked on the Riverwalk. We are thinking about buying that boat behind us (ha ha ha)!!!

Colt got a new summer outfit. It is really too big for him right now, but at least he can fit in it all summer and maybe next. Of course Casey hates it and wondered if I knew we had a son, because he said it looks like a dress. Oh well, he looked cute at church.

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moshieraj said...

What a fun time at the beach!

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