Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Colton's First Tball Adventure

Tonight was Colton's first tball practice.  He is playing with at the YMCA this summer and will probably do the youth association next year.  He was so excited to go.  He was more excited afterwards when we told him we were going to stop for ice cream as a treat.  He did pretty good for his first time.  He really wants to hit, but that will be next practice.  Hopefully he will love it just as much as Casey and I do.  

Getting ready to go to our first TBall practice ever.

Making Chase bug laugh.

Little snack before going.

So excited we had to run.

Running bases before practice starts.

Running home.

Catching grounders.

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Brandy said...

Those pics are just too cute! Glad he did well and had a great time. You are going to be the team mom and you'll be bringing juice drinks for the team - hah!

Colton's First Year


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