Monday, June 27, 2011

Colton's 4th Birthday Party

We had Colton's 4th birthday party at the YMCA this year.  We were going to have it at the house and do a pool, but I don't trust Minnesota weather, yet.  It was a good thing, because it rained all day and was about 50 degrees.  The kids also got to swim because they had an indoor pool, but the birthday boy d party idn't have much fun doing swimming.  Colton cut his toe pretty bad on a caution stool in the pool and his festivities for the day were over.  At least he will always have something to remember his 4th birthday - a nice scar.  

The food table
Secret Agent Lightning McQueen birthday cake.
Lightyear Tire Doughnuts
Traffic Lights

Chase was the Pit Crew.
Chase bug
Make your own motor oil.

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