Monday, January 17, 2011

Ice Skating Lessons

We signed Colton up for ice skating lessons for 9 weeks.  His first lesson was on Saturday.  We figured we needed a winter hobby so he wouldn't get stir crazy.  Casey thought he was going to have to out with him, but  luckily for Case, they had enough instructors that he didn't have to go.  You should have seen some of those little guys and girls.  They were hopping and twirling like they had had skates on their entire life.  They were all walking around in their skates like they had tennis shoes on.  Sweet boy was pretty shaky, but it was his first lesson, and I know I wouldn't have done any better.  There are rinks all around the town, so Casey has been taking him out for some extra practice.  

Colton getting ready to go out onto the ice for the 1st time.
Getting a little help.  Casey was glad he didn't have to go out with him.  There were 3 year olds out there that would have skated circles around him.
Woops!!!  Those beach legs aren't use to the ice, yet.
They gave him a walker to help him.  By the end of practice time, he skated from one side of the rink to Casey.  We were very proud of him.  
We took him to a rink in town and Casey practiced with him.
They are both upright, so that was a good sign.
"Whoa, hang on to me, Daddy!"


Brandy said...

Yay - go Colton! Too fun! I know I wouldn't have been able to stand up at all!

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