Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

We got to spend Christmas in Chattanooga this year with my family.  Boy, it was a long 15 hour drive from Minnesota to TN, but it was worth it!!!  We got to spend time with family and I got to see some old friends that I used to teach with at Tyner.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful family on both sides. Christmas was so much fun this year because Colton actually "got" what was going on!   He asked Santa for 2 things this year that he would not be quiet about:  A Thomas the Train Misty Island Rescue Set and a Thomas Flashlight that follows when you shine the light on the ground.  Thanks to "Santa" Gram and Papa and "Santa" Nana and Papaw, both those wishes were fulfilled and as you will see in the videos that follow, he was more than super excited!!!!

Chase at home in MN before we left to go to TN.
Christmas Eve after church at my parent's house.
Chase didn't understand that the cookies were for Santa and not him!

Santa came!!!

Chase eating his favorite Christmas snack - sausage balls!!!!  Yummy!
Colton got Thomas pj's.  His favorite!!!
A great gift for Casey for when he snowblows!!!

Papa reading Chase his new book.
Christmas brotherly love!  I'm sure one of them ended up screaming soon after.
We got to eat at Cracker Barrel.  There is only one in MN and it is 40 minutes away.  Can you imagine!!!  I think I drank about 4 glasses of sweet tea and ate way too many cornbread muffins.
I also got to meet up with 2 of my old friends from when I taught at Tyner, Amy and Kyone.  We were known around school as the reverse oreo because we were always together during breaks or inservices.  To get the true meaning, Kyone should be in the middle.  Hee hee hee!!
Santa even came to our house back in MN!!  Colton was so excited!!!
Chase not happy that 2010 was almost over.  Maybe it was the onsie!   Happy 2011 everyone!!


The Dunavant Family said...

love it! Colton was so excited, sweet boy!

Brandy said...

I love Colt's excitement. "It's just what I wanted!" Love that! So good to see you guys while you were in Chatt-town. Love you and miss you!

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