Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Days in Minnesota

The first weekend we got here, Casey wanted to take Colton to see all the Nickelodeon things inside of Mall of America. Of course, we couldn't pass by some of the rides, since Colt's face was lit up like Christmas morning. He had so much fun and all of us were pooped by the time we left. Now, he tells me that Daddy's mall was fantastic!!! Where does he come up with these things?

Riding the Wonder Pets Flyboat.

Colton and Casey riding on the train rollercoaster.

What a trooper. I don't think these seats are meant for people who are 6'2".

Riding on Blue.

Colton's favorite ride. If you click on the picture you can see him screaming, but he said that this was his very favorite ride.

He was so excited he got to meet Dora and Boots.

Posing in front of a Backyardigan. You can tell he was over it.

We are running out of things to do in the apartment, since most of their toys are packed!!!

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