Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of Preschool - Year 2

Today was the first day of Colton's 2nd year of Preschool.  His teacher's name is Ms. Molly and this is her very first year teaching.  Casey and I are a little bit nervous about that, but hopefully it will be ok.  I think we were just so spoiled last year by the 2 wonderful teachers Colt had that we have high expectations.  One good thing is that there is only 6 kids in his class, so he will get some much needed attention.  He told me when I picked him up today that he didn't do anything, but quickly changed that and said he did play on the playground and eat a snack.  I asked him if he learned a Bible story and he said yes that it was about Jesus.  That was a good generic answer.  

Cheezin' before we left for school this morning.
Little Brother had to get in the picture.

Chase wondering why brother is leaving him.

Walking in like a big boy.

Finding his name card.

Doesn't have a clue that Chase and I have left.  
Had to get him a treat for his first day.  McDonald's is the only place up here that has sweet tea!!!!    Can you imagine?!?!

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Colton's First Year


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