Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Colton!!!

On Saturday, our "Little Man" turned 3. I can't believe how fast time really passes. People always say enjoy them now, because they grow up fast. Now, I realize what they are talking about. I look at Chase, and it seems like just yesterday, Colt was that little. He is such a sweet and caring little boy. He is very inquisitive and a big jokester. He is always making us laugh. He is very social and gets sad when he tries to say hi to someone in the store and they don't talk back to him. He loves going to school and church. He picks up on things super fast (that he wants to) has an excellent memory - no getting away with, "I'll give you something later," the later does come and then we have to pay up. He is such a good sleeper at night and goes right to bed. When he does sit down for 5 minutes and takes a nap, it is still a 3-4 hour one. Both mommy and Colton need that. He is so good with Chase, except when it comes to his toys. Then, there is a major blowup if one of Chase's fingernails touches a car!!! He is very, very, very, did I say very, active little boy!! He is th 95 percentile in weight and the 92 percentile in height, as he grew 5 inches since last year!!!! Daddy is so proud! He loves his buddies he sleeps with at night, especially his Lovey and George(Curious). He loves watching cartoons, and knows all the characters, but also cries when he has to come inside from playing anything outside!! We love you little man and are so proud of you. Mommy just wishes you would slow down a little bit.

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