Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Visit From Two Turkeys

For Thanksgiving week, Casey's parents came out to meet Chase and give some much needed attention to Colton. We are so glad they came and we had a great time while they were here. They are always so helpful when they come and are always willing to babysit. Colt's face always lights up when he sees Nana and Papaw and Kansas loves to talk long, long walks with his grandpa. Thanks for all you do guys, we love you and look forward to seeing you soon.

We also had our friend, Leigh, over with Hannah and Nathan for Thanksgiving dinner. Her husband, Dave had to go out of town, so we thought the more the merrier. Colt loves playing with Hannah and since Nathan and Chase are 6 weeks apart, they are going to be great friends, too.

4 Bough Boys - Trouble Times 4!!
Chase checking Papaw out.

Colt and Hannah decorating Colt's Christmas Tree.

Papaw and Nana with their sweeties.

Nana's Sweethearts

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