Thursday, October 1, 2009

Daddy, Take A Piggy Back Ride!!

Thursday was Casey's 32nd birthday. He was a little depressed, but hey, it beats the alternative. He wanted to have vegetable beef soup for dinner, so that was pretty easy and non-stressful. Then, I made him an apple crumble for desert. I have to tell you, I would never be put on the tv show, "Top Chef" because I am horrible at peeling things and slower than molasses. I had to peel 4 apples and I was stressed about it the whole time. It was also a new recipe, which made it even more nervewracking. Thanks for the help Betty, Crocker, that is. After desert, Colt wanted the birthday boy to give him a piggy back ride, which is his new thing every day when Casey gets home from work. Here's a little snippet from that. We also went on a walk around the neighborhood b/c it was so nice outside. I love Fall. Happy Birthday, Casey. I hope it was good. We love you. I'll give you your present on Tuesday. Sorry for the belated gift.

Colt pointing at the water fount, as he calls it.

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