Thursday, September 24, 2009

God....Made Everything!

For the past month, we have been taking Colt to church for Wednesday night Awanas. Their programs start for 2 year olds and are called "Puggles." Last week, they got their shirts that they wear every Wednesday. He loves going to church and last night we pulled in and he started yelling, "Puggle Church, Puggle Church!!" When I went to pick him up the teacher handed me their weekly Bible verse that they had learned and that we were supposed to talk about with him for the week. When we got in the car I just mentioned something about the paper with his Bible verse on it and he said, "God made everything." I picked up the paper to look at it, because I hadn't even glanced at it, and that is exactly what the Bible verse was. Wow!! He said it all the way home. Let's hope he remembers it by next Wednesday.
Someone had to get in the picture.

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