Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods, To Grandmother's House We Go.

We just got back from our Christmas adventures in Kansas and Tennessee. Boy, I didn't know fun until being in a car with an 18 month old for 20 hours. I have never heard Barney so much in my life. God Bless Barney and Tammy for letting us borrow her DVD player. We had a great time in Kansas and the weather wasn't too bad at all. Colt of course got spoiled and got lots of good gifts that we had to stuff in the car. Poor kid, after we left TN, he looked like a stuffed sausage in the backseat. We love visiting family, but after being gone 11 days, we were glad to be back home.

Colt playing Nana's piano she got for Christmas.

Hanging out with daddy and some chicken bouillon cubes he stole from Nana's cabinet. I can't believe we bought toys and he played with this.

Colt, Nana, and Papaw. Colt, Uncle Brett, and Aunt Ashley.

One of Brett's favorite Chrismas gifts. It is a lovely ensemble of a Native American shirt paired with a brown, wavy tie. It was really a gag gift from Larry.

Playing with Giggle Elmo and split personality, Giggle Cookie Monster.

Colt was blowin' up on his new phone from Nana and Papaw.

Trying to help daddy get out the giggle Elmo.

Colt showing his Uncle Brett that he can do the perfect push-up, unlike him.

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JTRBedenbaugh said...

I remember the drives from Texas back to SC and you have a new level of patience with a toddler. Our last drive back, I had to listen to the Wiggles the entire trip.

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