Sunday, November 9, 2008

Magic Carpet Ride and Popcorn

Colt has decided one of his new favorite things is to hop onto the vacuum cleaner while I vacuum. I must say this adds an extra 20 something pounds to the thing and makes for a good workout. It also now takes forever to vacuum because everytime he falls off I have to wait for him to jump back on. Casey said there was no need to waste money and take him to an amusement park, he was loving riding the vacuum. Also this weekend, he had his first popcorn. And who did he share it with, of course, his daddy!!! Mommy didn't even get a single kernal. He loved it!! I was just glad he didn't get choked.

Hopping on the vacuum ride.

"Mommy this is fun!!"

"Daddy look at me!!"

Reaching in for his first bite.

OOh that's yummy!

"I think I'll have some more, please!"

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