Monday, November 17, 2008

Corn, Monkey Joes, and Santa

The other night for dinner, we had corn on the cob for dinner. At first, I was holding it for Colt to try and get him to bite some off, but then he decided he could do it himself. He loved it and wouldn't let go of this ear of corn. Who knew the kid would love corn so much. This weekend we also went to a place in town called Monkey Joes, which is just a bunch of inflateables. They had an area for kids under 3. Colt absolutely loved it, since he is in to trying to dive onto everthing and trying to jump. And finally, because I am such a Christmas freak, and I mean freak, we took him to get his picture with Santa. I realize it is not even Thanksgiving and that it was 75 degrees outside when we went, but you can never get in the Christmas spirit too early. We even put up our Christmas decorations on Saturday.

Eating a mini corn on the cob.

"Hey, what's that noise? Is it someone trying to take my corn away?"

Playing at Monkey Joe's.

He knocked both of those little girls down behind him trying to go down backwards on this slide. I don't think the mother was too happy. Oops!!!

Waiting to get his picture made with Santa.


The Dunavant Family said...

love the outfit!

Whitney said...

We are putting are Christmas tree up this weekend. I agree, you can never get in the Christmas spirit too early, sespecially with kids!

bkleeman said...

Amy, those are awesome! I am with you - you can never get into the Christmas spirit too early. Love the pics of Colt with his corn!

Anonymous said...

Great Santa shot! Ho, Ho, Ho......Merry Christmas!

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