Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Fall Pics

My mom and dad came for Fall Break to spend some time with us and babysit Colt while Casey and I took a trip to Charlotte for a couple of days. While they were here, we went to get a big pumpkin for carving at a local church in town. Notice the difference in the pictures from this day (it was 86 degrees) and the pictures I took this afternoon (65 degrees). It was so much nicer today.

Colt trying to pick up the big pumpkin, again.

My little scarecrow.

It was such a pretty day today, we went outside to play and get some pictures.

Colt found his little pumpkin again. He calls it a ball and wants to throw it off the porch.

This is a picture I took around this time last year. Poor little thing could barely sit up, he wasn't matching at all, and I know he hated that pumpkin cap I stuck on him.

This was a picture from today. I can't believe he has gotten this big in a year. So sad.


What The Hell Is This? said...

THey grow up way too fast huh.! :( biut :) all at he same time.

He is getting more and more adorable every day.

bkleeman said...

The pics are adorable. I love the 2 you have of him on the porch - comparing last year to this year. That is a great idea and I'll have to do that next year with Parker, to compare how big he got in a year!

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