Friday, October 31, 2008

Colton's First Trick or Treat

Who knew taking a 16 month old trick or treating would be so tiring. I think Colt had a good time, but didn't really grasp the concept of waiting on someone to answer the door to give you candy. As soon as I would ring the bell, he would either try and go inside their house or go back down the steps he had just climbed. Oh well, we had fun watching him.

Our little turtle man

Mommy and her half shell
He got so thirsty ringing door bells, we had to stop to take a drink.

He's ready to go.
Inspecting what he got. He kept taking the candy out and then leaving his basket behind. We'll work on that.
Off to the next house.

We found a chicken!! This is Colt's friend Hannah. Colt is such a "chick" magnet.


Susan said...

What a cute little turtle!

Whitney said...

How cute! Will was not quite as exciting last night as Colt, but next year we will be ready to trick-or-treat!

bkleeman said...

What a cutie! All Parker wanted to do on Halloween was eat! I'm sure next year will be more fun for him.

Colton's First Year


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