Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Pictures

I am finding it very hard to get Colt to stand still long enough to take a picture. This was right before he took off again. And now it's even harder to get him to smile, look at the camera, and stand still at the same time. We love Saturdays in the Fall at our house. We get to cheer on the Auburn Tigers!! I actually bought this jersey for Kansas when he was still a puppy. Needless to say it does not fit tubby anymore, so we passed it down.
Gram and Poppy bought this bug/caterpillar that plays music when you squeeze his ear. Colt likes to sit on it now and just hang out.
Colt giving the bug a hug. How sweet is this?
I just like this picture because it looks like Kansas is saying to the bug, "We can finally rest for a minute and not be pestered. Enjoy it, he'll be back soon!"

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