Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We have been bored.

We have been bored this week since Casey is in New York and it has been chilly outside. Enjoy our bored inside pics. Most of are Colt who has discovered the stairs and that he can climb them as long as he doesn't let go.

Mr. Bucket Head

I know where the steps are now!! HEE HEE HEE!!!

Uh oh Mommy. You caught me!!!

I can't believe I'm this close to Kansas and he hasn't run off.

Watch me climb!!!

I'm so funny!!

Colt heard Kansas outside barking and wanted to investigate.

What did I hear outside?

Colt likes to bother Kans when he is outside and bang on the door.

You can't get mad at me that I climb the steps. Look how cute I am!!!

When it's time for Colton to go to bed, Casey and I aren't the only ones who are worn out.

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