Sunday, April 6, 2008

A day in the park - Final Four Party- Fun in the Tub - Micellaneous

Casey, Colton, Kansas, and I went for a walk in one of our parks downtown today since it was so nice. Keep looking to see what we saw in the lake surrounding the park. Crazy!!!

Casey, Colt, and Kansas in front of the azaleas.

Colt kicking it in the stroller. "This is how I roll ladies."

The biggest gator I have ever seen in real life and in downtown Wilmington, NC.

Kansas would have been an appetizer for this monster.

Casey and I hosted a Final Four party on Saturday. Leigh, Dave, and Hannah came over along with our other neighbor, Bill. We missed you, Annie. The kids konked out before the 2nd game (thank goodness) and the boys actually made it until the 2nd game was over. We had lots of fun and lots of food.

Casey, Dave, and Bill watching the Basketball game.

Colt and his friend, Hannah, rootin' for who else, Kansas.

Fun times in the bathtub and acting silly.

What a hard life!

Again, what a hard life!

Watch me go!!

Colton helping mommy with the dishes - he has now officially helped more in his lifetime with dishes than Casey has since we've been together.

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