Monday, March 31, 2008

Colton's busy weekend


While Casey was at his annual guys golf weekend, Colton and I decided we would go and do some visiting. We started our trek by staying with my best friend, Brandy and her dog, Jake. Brandy's husband Brad was on the trip with Casey. We had a great time of just relaxing and watching TV. Colton also got to play with Jake, since Kansas won't let him pet him.
Our next adventure was home to Chattanooga for a day to visit with Gram and Poppy and to the Aquarium with Niki, Caleb, and Silas. They had never met Colton in person and we hadn't seen each other in over a year. What a great day to catch up and to see the boys.
On Saturday, we were on the road again to visit the loveliest village on the Plains, Auburn University. Campus was full of people because the baseball team had a home game and it was the A Day game (Football's Spring game). We got to hit all the bookstores and then we went to visit my old Auburn buddy, Ashley and her daughter Francie. What a little cutie. Maybe one day, Francie will be cheering for Colt while he is playing baseball or football for the Tigers. It was really good to see Ash and catch up. My how things have changed since we have been at Auburn.
Needless to say, Colt was pooped from all that visiting, smiling, and he was done with the car seat. He is glad to be home and climbing on things again.
To everyone we saw, it was a blast. We miss you all and hope to see you again, soon.

Here is Colt with Brandy's dog, Jake. We are trying to get him acquainted with babies because Miss Brandy is due with her 1st in September. I think he did great with Colt.

Colton and Silas at the Aquarium in Chattanooga. I don't think Silas knew what to think of Little Man.

Getting ready to say goodbye to Niki and the kids. I haven't seen them in over a year and this was the first time they had met Colton. Crazy how time flies. The boys are so big since the last time I saw them.

Instead of the boys hugging Colt goodbye, they just petted him. I guess they thought that was safer.

Colt looking at the penguins.

We got a chance to visit Ashley and Francie. What a good visit we had and it was great to see Ash and introduce the kiddies..
Here is Colt macking on Francie. He is such a ladies man. Did he learn "game" from his daddy? Those who know Casey, you decide.

Colton to Francie: "Can you believe how good Auburn Football is going to be this year?"
Francie to Colton: "Let's just smile and look cute so they will stop taking pictures."

The Transitions of Life:
I can't seem to get a family picture in the same spots, but will work on that.
Auburn, circa 2000, 2001

Auburn, circa 2006

Auburn, circa 2008

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