Monday, September 19, 2011

Chase's First Day of Preschool

Chase started his first day of preschool last Friday.  He is only going one day a week to the same school that Colton goes to.  He was excited to wear his backpack and walk in to school like a big boy.  I was hoping he would do okay when Colton and I left and he went right in, found a toy, and never looked back.  That is exactly what Colton did his first year.  I'm glad they can be away from me, but still made me a little sad that both my babies are growing up so fast.

Me and my little bug.
Walking to school.
Trying to open the door.

Hanging up his Hip Hop Elmo backpack.
Saying bye with his teacher, Mrs. Lori.
Went right in to play and didn't look back.

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Colton's First Year


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