Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Auburn Visit

We were so excited we got to go down to Auburn and visit with some old Auburn buddies.  We met up with my friend, Jenny, and her two boys, and our other friend, Ashley.  Jenny lived 2 doors down from me in the apartments I lived in and Ashley was in all my classes and took care of me when I was down there.  I miss these 2 girls.  So glad we got together at Ashley's house and got to spend some time with all the kiddos.  

Colton in front of the National Championship Trophy.
Me and the boys and Jenny and her boys.

In front of Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Sitting in front of Aubie's House underneath the stadium where he keeps all his props for the football games.

All the kiddos having fun at Ashley and Kyle's house.

The Auburn crew:  Ashley, Francie, Foster, Me, Colton, Chase, Jenny, Kyle, and Bryce.

Sitting in front of Toomer's Corner.  So sad to see the big oak trees.

Colton got to meet Aubie and play with him.

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