Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

 Well, we finally experienced our first snowfall in Minnesota.  We got 7 inches in one day.  As of today, most of the snow has still not melted and it has been a week.  We may not see the grass until May because another storm is supposed to come in on Sunday night.  The high on Thanksgiving is supposed to be 12, I think.  Oh my!!!  I'm glad we are moving into our house soon so we can hunker down.  Colton loved playing in the snow, but Chase was not a huge fan.  They both looked like the stay-puff marshmellow men and the kid from "A Christmas Story."  Every time Chase walked he fell down, poor little guy!!  And, it's sad to think this is only the beginning of the winter.  Pray for this Southern girl and my  2 water babies.  

We finally got everything on.

1st faceplant of many.

Colton trying to do a snow angel.

The snow was blowing sideways.

Chase was really over it at this point.

Why are Casey and Colton both trying to throw snowballs at me?

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