Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Minnesota Visit

Last weekend, I went to Minneapolis for the first time to visit Casey and to look at houses. After a full 2 1/2 days of house looking, we decided to be total tourists and drive around to see the sights. Our first stop, (Casey has already been 2 or 3 times) of course was Mall of America. It is really ginormous. 4 levels of any shop you could imagine and an amusement park in the center. I could really get in some trouble in there. Then we just drove around downtown Minneapolis/St. Paul. They are really pretty towns. Minnesota might not be that bad!!

Entering the Mall of America or MOA as the locals call it.

Nickelodeon amusement park inside.

Target field - home of the Minnesota Twins.
Yes, Minneapolis is the home of Target and right downtown is a 2 story Target!!!! Can you imagine?! Casey knows me too well, and didn't stop. Heck, he didn't even slow down enough for me to get a picture of it. :(

Metrodome - Home of the Minnesota Vikings.

University of Minnesota is right downtown as well.

Goldy the Golden Gopher - U of M's mascot.

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Whitney said...

I heard you guys were moving! I know it is exciting, scary and emotional. Trust me, I just did it 8 months ago! Do you guys have a timeline?

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