Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Little Silliness, A Lot of Cuteness, and A Dash of Uncle Chris and Aunt Dee Dee

This past weekend, Casey was out of town for a golf trip, so on Saturday, Uncle Chris and Aunt Dee Dee came and spent the day with us. We drove down to Fort Fisher and ate lunch, then drove around and hung out. Colt loves playing with Uncle Chris, because he is just a big kid, too! Thanks for coming to see us guys. The rest of the pictures are just silliness going on in our house.
Uncle Chris and Colt being silly.
Colt giving kisses.

The gang at Ft. Fisher

Aunt Dee Dee and Chase. It was so windy!!

Sitting by himself in the high chair for the first time. Here, he's just relaxing.

Chase and Uncle Chris in deep conversation.

My 2 cuties.

Colt wearing his Auburn hair.

Kansas worn out from all the crazy antics at our house.

Colt ticking Chase's feet and trying to make him laugh.

1 comment:

Faye Bough said...

Oh no, is that a soccer ball on Chase's shirt?

He gets cuter every day and such a happy boy!

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