Sunday, January 10, 2010

Need a Lift and a funny story

Colt got this wagon a year or so ago and always wants someone to pull him around the house in it. So, this weekend I got the idea that maybe he could pull Chase around. Of course we followed him to make sure he wasn't going too fast around the corners, which he tried to do several times, but I think he had fun and I think Chase enjoyed the lift.
A funny little tidbit from Colt. The other night he wanted me to read his bedtime stories out of his children's Bible that has pictures that go along with the stories. When I went to get him the other morning, he had it up in his bed with him looking through it. He turned the page to the Last Supper picture and off to the right hand side you could see that Judas was running away. So, I tried to explain to him that Judas had done something bad to Jesus and he wasn't being a very good friend so he was running away. Colt looked at the picture so sad and said, "Oh Mommy, he's not going to get his supper." Maybe we'll work on that story again later. Oh, how I love my little guy with the sweet heart.


Brandy said...

Too cute!! That's all I can - just too cute!

Brandy said...

Oops, left out a word - That's all I can say - just too cute!

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