Monday, December 7, 2009

Polar Express and Christmas Parade

Sunday, we took Colton down to the Railroad Museum to listen to the reading of the Polar Express. The story was being read by one of the newscasters in town and each kid got some hot chocolate, and a gift from Santa. Colt was so excited for the hot chocolate! When I asked Casey if he liked it, he said he took one sip. I guess he was too excited too drink with all the fun trains to play with and look at. After the reading we walked to the Christmas Parade downtown. The weather was perfect, not too cold, and Colton scored some candy and got to see some greyhounds dressed up with lights on their leashes and hear the sirens. So, it was a good afternoon.

Concerned about the train in the background, not the conductor.

Finally listening - he asked what would happen after the story and Colt yelled out, "Hot Chocolate!!"

Playing with the trains with Hannah.

Trying to get a picture with Emma Grace.

At the parade

Watching the ambulance go by.

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