Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We finally got everything back to working order on our computer, I think. Here are just some random pics we have taken since we have been down. Hopefully, we can take some more soon.

Colt and Casey on Valentine's Day. Momma's sweethearts.

Colt, Uncle Chris, and Aunt Dee Dee. My brother and I always celebrate our birthdays together every year because they are 2 days apart. Congrats on him making it to 40!!!!!

Colt with Gram or "Guh" as he says it and Papa.

One weekend we went with our neighbors, Dave and Leigh, and their daughter, Hannah, to the Children's Museum here in Wilmington. Here are a few pictures from that day. This is actually in a blackout room with those lights you used to have in your dorm room in college that made everything green. Didn't really show up too well on camera.

Colt giving Hannah some flowers.

Colt and Hannah shopping in the miniature grocery store they had there.


Whitney said...

Yeah! I'm glad your back. I've missed reading about you guys!

Jaime said...

that Children's Museum looks amazing! How cool that they have a little grocery store!
And so glad to see a picture of your dad! Tell him I said Hi, please! (Love your blog!)

bkleeman said...

Hey girl - glad you are back in the land of the living. The pics are great!

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