Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pictures in my highchair, with Kansas, and Eeyore

Colt is so comfy in his new highchair. He is just like his daddy after a bottle - kicking back and relaxing.

Kansas hates to get close to Colton unless he wants to lick him. This was the first picture I took.

We are getting a little closer, but still far enough away Colt can't touch him.

Amazing what holding a corn bread muffin above his nose will do. Kansas had to keep looking to his side to see how close he was getting. As soon as Colt reached for him, he took off.

Kansas will sit this close to Colt when he is in his high chair because Kans can lick his feet, but is still a safe distance away that Colt can't reach him and he can pick up any food that happens to be spit out.

Just a little photo shoot with my friend, Eeyore.

I've never seen him look this mean! Looks like he wants to strangle sweet Eeyore.

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